Riyaad Hendricks leaves his home on Rhodesia Street. He has lived in the area for  his entire life.
Sign outside Springbok Atlas Coach Hire on Albert Road.
Graffiti created by Gia, a graffiti artist from New York.
Two Woodstock residents converse beneath graffiti on the wall of Cassiem Corner Shop. The graffiti was created by Gia, a graffiti artist from New York.
Two brother's spend their Sunday fixing their old Volkswagen Jetta on Ormskirk Street.
Graffiti - "We were here when you....'
A Woodstock resident on Regent Street.
"I've lived in the area for almost my whole life. This is the only work I can find... Looking after larnies cars on a Saturday morning..." - Woodstock car guard who wishes not to be identified.
Empty plot of land on the corner of Victoria Walk and Barton Street.
"Sometimes people steal our clothes but we have to dry them somewhere and normally us or one of our neighbours will watch them." Brian, a Woodstock resident about hanging their washing on the street.
Layla, whose family has lived on Gympie Street for decades, hangs up washing in front of a piece of graffiti by international artist, Mike Makatron.
A historic residence built in the early colonial style. This building was probably built at the turn of the 20th century.
The Booysen brothers who have always lived in the area. Today, they refurbish old Volkswagen beetles and organise parties.
Graffiti - "Love Shanaaz"
Cluttered shop front on Victoria Road
"From a needle to an Anchor" - Mr "R" Bargain Shop, Victoria Street Woodstock
Nkosi, an informal resident in Woodstock, collects discarded roofing panels. He will use these panels to bolster his home.
Nurul Islam Masjid, a mosque built in 1914 to service Woodstock and Salt River's large Moslem communities.
Newly painted and renovated cottages.
Derogatory graffiti aimed at gentrification and those who are pushing out long term residents of Woodstock.
Devils Peak and razor wire.
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